Take my hand, and let us step into a world where your story unfolds like magic. Let's weave art that captures the essence of your journey.

(Autumn Calvert)
Pricing Packages

Cell Phone Image painting

Starting at $595

Capture a special moment with your cell phone and let the magic of Autumn Calvert's artistry bring it to life. Simply send your beloved photo, and Autumn will skillfully transform it into a breathtaking digital painting.


Fine Art digital painting merges traditional techniques with digital technology, pushing creativity's limits. Artists use graphics tablets, stylus pens, and software like Photoshop to create lifelike textures and effects. The result is captivating art that seamlessly blends traditional and digital realms, captivating viewers in a world of limitless possibilities.

Autumn's process:

I. contact autumn.

Contact Autumn and tell her your vision. From there, you will work together to discover the art of the story you want to tell.

II. Quote

After you have dreamed with Autumn and decided on a direction, you will be sent a quote and make a deposit on the work. From there, Autumn will guide you through the next steps.

III. Deliver Magic.

Once the artwork has been approved, your artwork will be ordered and delivered to you!


Does the printed artwork look like an oil painting?

Fine Art digital painting prints are high-quality reproductions of digital artworks. They can be printed on fine art paper or paint embellished canvas. These prints preserve the beauty and detail of the original artwork and will be an heirloom piece for your family.

What is fine art digital painting?

Fine Art digital painting is the art of creating stunning visual masterpieces using digital tools. It combines the essence of hand-painted techniques with Photoshop mastery, skillful training, and dedicated art study to achieve extraordinary digital artworks full of depth and expression.

What is photography composite?

Photography composite artwork is a mesmerizing fusion of imagination and photographic elements. It combines multiple images seamlessly, creating a stunning visual narrative. Each composite tells a unique story, blending reality and fantasy, and transports viewers to a world where the boundaries of possibility are beautifully stretched and redefined.

How do we commission you?

Use the contact page, and someone from Autumn's team will reach out!

Whats your turn around time?

Once a deposit has been made, Autumn requires a one month turnaround time to ensure the quality of the painting. If you are hiring for composite work, contact Autumn for completion time.

Do you Travel?

Yes, Autumn is available for travel within a 30-mile radius of Huntsville, Alabama. If contacted, she can consider traveling further.

Do you retouch photos?

Yes. All photos undergo a rigorous retouching and prepping process without changing the foundational appearance of the subjects.

How do we get our painting?

Paintings are shipped to your door or a personal delivery from the artist can be arranged within 30 miles of Huntsville, Alabama.

Can you help us with planning?

Absolutely! Whether it is a personalized fine art photography session to painting or a cell phone image you capture, Autumn will be there every step of the way!

What is the wait for commissioning Autumn?

Autumn only appoves a specific number of commissions per month to ensure the quality of the work. During holidays, she suggests reaching out between July and September so the gift is in hand on your special day.

What should we wear?

Autumn provides a link to a Pinterest board that will help you pick out the best outfit for your painting. If you book a fine art portrait session, you will receive a personalized private Pinterest board made just for you.

See this blog post for more details: https://www.autumncalvertart.com/blog/wardrobe-styling-for-you-fine-art/

What is the investment?

Autumn's offers a range of options for your fine art digital painting from $795 to $10,000. These investments provide an opportunity to own high-quality, collectible artworks that showcase exceptional artistic skill, accurate representation of subject, and lasting heirloom quality artwork for your home.